Fence shelving project

Ideal for adding storage space in compact gardens, fence shelving is perfect for renters and those with a small space.


Planting in pots

Add some greenery to your garden no matter the size by planting in pots.


Creating an outdoor kitchen

Keep your guests entertained while you cook al fresco in the garden.

Top tips for painting your fence

Dip your paintbrush bristles ¾ of the way into paint

For best results when using a paintbrush, dip the bristles into the paint ¾ of the way to prevent overloading the brush.

Saving your paintbrush

To prevent your paintbrush from drying out between coats, wrap it in a disposable glove.


Upcycling metal furniture

Breath new life into worn out metal patio furniture with these simple tips and tricks.


Light up your garden

Adding lights to your garden extends the hours you can enjoy it.


Choosing the right soil

Understanding the different types of soil on offer will ensure your lawn and borders look immaculate.